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Meet the Team

Shelley Jensen

Our Founder, CEO, and passionate leader. The vision and heart behind our organization with an initiative to break barriers and shift dynamics to help empower future generations.

Ashley Burns

Manager of Volunteer and Resident Relations with a dedicated goal to support the needs of all. Whether she’s cultivating new partnerships to encourage growth, supporting the volunteer team, or empowering the residents’ transition into adulthood, her passionate heart and grit lead the way to success.

Claire Franco

Operations Navigator with deep knowledge strengthens volunteer processes, encourages connections, builds fundraising events, and supports operations. Her dedication and passion for We Fortify’s mission drive her to ensure the organization’s overall success and rapid growth.

Danielle Hendrix

Resident Navigator dedicated to building healthy supportive relationships with all residents and maintaining the dignity and functionality of the village. Her unique and creative ideas are a vital piece of bringing adventurous and exciting events to the resident program as well as ensuring the residents are learning necessary life skills to build successful futures for themselves.

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