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Two divisions,

one powerful force.

The dynamic synergy between our two development divisions is what makes this model powerful. The villages and communities within each division are independent and unique, but it’s the way the divisions work together that creates growth and sustainability.

The primary mission of the Elevate Division is to build programmed communities that elevate young adults out of poverty into a state of economic and emotional stability and social connectedness.

Working Fusion is our first Elevate Village and it is thriving! Following this successful model, we are currently in development with Prospect Village, a second Elevate Village. As we continue to grow and build more young adult villages, they will be housed under our Elevate Division. 

The primary mission of the Noble Division is to build safe, dignified and affordable communities that serve public service professionals— teachers, police, firefighters, and nurses— so they can focus on their calling to serve. 

Programming is Key

Our Programming, or as our board calls it our “secret sauce,” consists of four pillars:

  1. Safe and dignified housing 
  2. Centralized trauma informed therapies and care
  3. Life skills education
  4. Training for and placement in a living wage career position

Our trained Volunteers support the village in 3 ways:

  1. Maintain and beautify the property
  2. Mentor | Tutor Residents 
  3. Assist in Event Planning and Support

Our mighty We Fortify staff team is educated, skilled, relational, and fiercely advocates for every resident.


Supportive Communites

Each village is designed with the intention of healthy supportive relationships developing within. To cultivate this, each village has a community center that supports many types of events, raised bed gardens, and walking/running paths. These villages are also pet friendly, and less dense.

Noble Villages will generate a modest income that will help support the Elevate Villages, which require more financial support due to the nature of our programming.

Our first Noble Village, Wendy’s Village, is currently in development.

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