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We are social impact

We are
social impact


One of the greatest challenges we’re facing today is the societal impact of generational poverty intensified by a lack of living wage salaries and affordable housing. The inability for a young labor force to work, live, and contribute to society is creating human and economic ripple effects that will have profound consequences far into the future.

Our mission at We Fortify is to change this trajectory and create positive and compounding generational shift—one person, one village, one community at a time.

We are a non-profit land development and human services company. We build villages and programs that elevate young adults out of poverty and give public service professionals a better chance to serve. By focusing on whole healthy humans today, we can build a more resilient, empowered, and prosperous future for generations to come.

We Fortify Villages combine dignified housing and supportive peer communities with individualized services and caring accountability. This dynamic synergy creates a powerful cycle of growth and sustainability—one that empowers individuals and transforms lives, families, and entire communities.

At We Fortify, we believe people inherently want to live lives of independence and purpose. One person, one village, one community at a timewe envision a mighty ripple effect that creates a vibrant and resilient society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and create a legacy of hope for the future. 

Two Dynamic Divisions


Our primary mission is to build programmed communities that elevate young adults out of poverty into a state of economic and emotional stability and social connectedness.

We do this by providing safe dignified housing within a small supportive community, individualized trauma-responsive therapies, life skills education, and living wage career placement.

We also build dignified and affordable communities to support noble public service professionals, such as teachers, police, firefighters, and nurses, so they can focus on their calling to serve.

Noble Villages generate a modest income that helps support key programming for Elevate Villages. This makes our mission even more powerful by moving it toward financial sustainability.

We Fortify is a seamless fusion of two dynamic divisions into one powerful force for social impact.

It takes a village to build a village.

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